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Plzz help me in this st of •rd in 00k nent . On comparing the Cash Book with Pass Book of Naman it is found that on 2017. bank balance of VO,960 showed by the Cash Book differs from the v.ith regard to the following : charges 100 on March, 31 2017, are not entered in the Cash Book. March 21, 2017, a debtor paid Q,OOO into the company's bank in settlement dhis account, but no entry was made in the Cash Book of the company in respect of this. Cheques totalling 12,980 were issued by the company and duly recorded in Cash Book before March 31, 2017, but had not been presented at the bank for payment until after that date. A bill for æ6,900 discounted with the bank is entered in the Cash Book without recording the discount charge of 000. 0.520 is entered in the Cash Book as paid into bank on March 31st 2017, but tot credited by the bank until the following day. No entry has been made in the Cash Book to record the dishonour on March 15. 2017 ofa cheque for < 650 received from Bhanu. hoare a Reconciliation Statement as on March 31, 2017. Balance as Pass Book eo.8701

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