Pointing towards a sunflower plant, father asked Kailash, a biology student to show him flower of this plant. Kailash pluck flowering twig and pointed towards the big yellow structure at the tip of the twig. Father laughed and clarified that it is not a single flower but a group of several flowers arranged in a disc like structure. Read the above passage and answer the following questions:- I. What is inflorescence? II. Define racemose and cymose inflorescence? III. What message is delivered by father of Kailash. 

Dear student.

1. Inflorescence: A characteristic arrangement of flowers on a stem in which cluster of flowers forms on the main axis. . An inflorescence is categorized on the basis of the arrangement of flowers on the main axis (peduncle) and by the timing of its flowering (determinate and indeterminate).


In racemose inflorescence the axis is of unlimited growth, apical bud continues to grow. Thus oldest flowers are found at the base and youngest towards the top. These are of different types such as, raceme, panicle, Spike, Spadix, etc. eg: Delphinium, Brassica Campestris.

In cymose inflorescence the main axis has limited growth, being terminated by the formation of a flower. Thus, the oldest flower is either in the center or flowers of different ages are mixed up. These are of various types such as monochasial, dichasial, polychasial etc. eg: Allium 

3. The father is well versed with the knowledge of inflorescence and is trying to pass on the knowledge to his son.


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