Preamble provides philosophy and values to the constitution.

A preamble is the introduction to the Constitution.It is the expressionary statement in a document and explains the Constitution's purpose and underlying philosophy.The Preamble is important because :

  • It contains the philosophy on which the entire Constitution has been built.
  • It provides a standard to examine and evaluate any law and action of government, to find out whether it is good or bad.

Four key points about the Preamble are that India is defined as a sovereign , socialist, secular and democratic republic.

  • "We the people of India" - This statement proves that India is a true democracy and the people are the real sovereign. The Constitution too has been composed with the help of the people of India.
  • If you look at the preambles of USA, South Africa and India, you will notice that the design and the concept of having a preamble is same. It represents the ideas and main objectives of the constitution, which is similar in most of the countries. This concept of including a preamble started with USA and then most of the countries continued with it.

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It highlights main values and duties . It is a squeezed constitution

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