Prepare a report on forest products that are used as artifacts and how it unsettles the ecological balance of the forest.

Dear Student ,

This is a Project / Report work and hence it is meant to be done by the students themselves. I would like to request you , please try to make the report yourself. This will help to enhance your knowledge.
However You can inculcate the following points in your Report -

a) What do you mean by Forest and its Product
b) What are the Products you get from Forest as artifacts ( like Wood , Timber etc )
c) Describe each product you get in Details ( like How wood is used as Paper , Fuel and for Shelter purpose etc)
d) Describe how over using Forest products as commercial purpose leads to unbalancing the environment and its Threats ( Excess cutting of tress leads to Deforestation , Soil erosion )
e) Describe the relationship of Forest products and various forest amenities with respect to Environment and Ecology
f) â€‹Describe various methods to solve the problem of over using Forest products (Environmental Policies and Acts)

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