1)Ram swam   ------------ the tank in 5 min
2)The parrot flew ------------ of a cage
3)Cut the branch ------------- a sickle
4)Shila place the pot ------------- the chair
5)Dolly came two days -------------- the  school reopened
6)I was ask to look ------------- the matter soon
7)The mother is blind --------------- her sons faughts

Dear Student,

1) Ram swam across the tank in 5 min.
2)The parrot flew away of a cage.
3) Cut the branch with a sickle.
4) Shila placed the pot on the chair.
5) Dolly came two days after the school reopened.
6) I was asked to look after the matter soon.
7) The mother is blind --------------- her sons faughts. (This question is not clear. Please check this question and re-post)

Hope this helps.


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