Puntuation exercise, plz solve all. Hmm. I knew how to use puntuation, but the thing is that as the classes are going so the subjects are going above my head, I had already done this ex in my rough copy, but then also I am not confirmed about my answers, that's why sent the book exercise

Dear student,

Here are the answers:


1. "Well done! I am so proud of you", he cried.
2. "What a nuisance you are! Can you not see I am busy?", she shouted.
3. Spring is here. The birds, the flowering trees and the blue skies all proclaim the coming of spring. 
4. Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. - Shakespeare
5. "Hello Vineeta. HOw are you?" enquired Anita. "It has been ages since we saw each other."
6. "Harsh, Nayana, Jeetu and Naresh dropped in for dinner, last evening." said Mr. Goyal.
7. We students would like Karate, judo, yoga boys scouts and mountaineering to be introduced  in our curriculum.
8. "Please could you tell me where the museum is?" The tourist enquired.


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