Q.1 In a parallelogram ABCD, E and F are any 2 points on the sides AB and BC respectively at (triangle ADF)=ar (triangle =DCD).
Q.2 E,F,G and H are respectively the mid points of the sides AB, BC, CD, and DA of a parallelogram ABCD. Show that quadrillateralEFGH is a parallelogram and thtits area is half of the area of the parallelogram ABCD.
Q.3 D,E,F are the mid points of the sides BC, CA and AB respectively of triangle ABC. Prove that BDEFis a parallelogram whose area is half tht of triangle ABC.
Q.4 ABCD is a parallelogram and O is any point in its interior, Prove that:
at (triangle AOB) + ar(TRIANGLE BOC) =AT (TRIANGLE AOD).
Q.5 One iron solid is a cuboid of dimensions 30 cm*30cm*42.6cm. It is melted and cubes each of side 3cm are moulded from it. find the number of cubes formed.
Q6. A cylinder is 3cm​ high and the circumference of its base 22 cm. Find the curved surface area..
Q,7 Determine the volume of a conical tin having radious of the base as 30 cm and its slant height as 50 cm. (Use py =3.14)
Q.8 Find the volume of a sphere whose diameter is 7 cm(Take py=22/7)
Q.9 A cone and a hemisphere have equal bases ad equal volumes. find the ratio of their heights.
Q10. The king queen and jack of clubs are removed from a deck of 52 cards and then well shuffled. One card is selected from the remaining card. Find the probability if getting:
(a) A heart
(b) A king
(c) the ten of hearts
plzdo answer all my questions because i would be tallying it with my answers for my exam .(basically the steps ).
*= multiplcation sign

For getting solutions to all questions kindly ask single question in one link. We are hereby answering one question and rest will be answered once you post them in different threads.

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