q.1. what is the difference between zoospores and conidia??with reference to their mobility..

q.2.why the clones are considered as genetically identical to its parent ..write examples

Zoospore is an asexual spore that is motile and moves with the help of flagellum. It is produced by some algae, bacteria and fungi.

Conidia  are non motile asexual spores of kingdom fungi. 

Clones are considered as genetically identical to its parent because they reproduce through asexual reproduction and involves a single parent. For example: Parthenogenesis is a form of reproduction in which an unfertilized egg develops into a new individual. All the individuals so produced are identical to each other as well as their parent and hence are the clones. 

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zoospores are motile spores , dey move wid the help of flagella , which helpdem to swim eg. chlamydomonas of algae and phycomycets of fungi 

conidia are non motile spores found attached to hyphae eg. pencillium of fungi 


clones are defined as genetically and morphologically identical copies of deir parents..

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