Q.12 answer the following

Q.12 answer the following 12. Painting the walls of a room costs 6.50 per rn2 while painting the ceiling white costs 4.50 per rn2 laying tiles on the floor costS 55 per m2. If the is 12 m by 10 m and 4 m high, how much wpuld itcoq in all to paint its walls and ceiling and tile the floor? • d out of a tin which

Dear student,
Given, l=12m, b=10m,h=4m
Tota area of wall=2(lh+bh)=2(12×4+10×4)
                              = 176m2
Total area of ceiling=lb=12×10=120m2
Total area of floor=120m2
Total cost=(₹6.5×176)+(₹4.5×120)+(₹55×120)
                 = (1144+540+6600)

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