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Q 26,27,28,29,30 2-. A large cylinder for storing gas has of 1.5 W. If is off 150 at K, how many the cylinder? What would be the weight of oxygen in such a cylinder? (1 W = 28.32 litres) 5 g of ethane are in a hullo one-litre The b„lb is weak that it will burst if the pressure exccæds 10 at.nw At what temperature will the pressure of the gas reach the bursting value? (Ans = R = 0.0821 lit. atm/k/molel 29. A gas cylinder containing gas can withstand a pressure of 14.9 atm. The pressure gauge of cylinder indicates 12 atm at '27"C. Due to sudden fire in the building, its temperature starts rising. At what temperat„re the cylinder will explode? = 372.5 KI 30. The density of the vapour of a substanee*lt 373 K and 1-013 x PA is 2.55 g/lit. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. Calculate its molecular weight. [Ans = 78 | A bulb of unknown volume V contains an ideal gas at 1 atm pressure, This bulb was connected to another evacuatexl bulb of volume litre throught a stopock. When the stopcock was opened the pressure at each bulb became 530 while tbc temperature remained constant. Find V in litres. [Ans = 1.152 litres.' The volume of gas is 40 mL at NTP_ Find the of the gas if pressure changes to 800 mm of Hg and temperature remains the same [Ans = 3S mL.l A gas was allowed to expand from a volume of 0.4 L to '2„0 L at constant temperature. If the initial pressure was 3 atm. Calculate the new pre•urelAns = 0.6 atm.l A weather balloon has a volume of 175 L when filled with hydrogen at a pressure oi 1_00 atm. Calculate the volume of the balloon when it rises to a height of 2000 m, where the atmospheric pressure is OSO atm. Assume that the temperature is constant [Ans = 218.75 Ll Volume Of a givea maSS Of gas is 2(HJ at 170C,. What will be volume of gas if th• temperature changes to 47 oc at the satne pressure. [Ans = 220.6 cmSl A gas occupies volume V mL at 37"C. At what temperature its volume Will reduce t' one-fonrth Of its original volume at satne pressure? [Ans —195.500 A sample or helium volume of 501) at 373 K. Calculate the temperature a which the volume will become 260 cml. Assume the pressure is constan_ IAns - 104 KI An open vessel at 270C is heated until thre€&fifth of the air in if has been expellex Assuming that the volume of the vessel constant find the temperature at whir [Ans 47700 the vessel has been hcatcd? Khadke Classes

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