Q: doctor bhupen hazarika dons many hats and is the only pioneer of assam's film industry. Describe his role in bringing the nascent assamese cinema to his life/write a biosketch of Dr. bhupen hazarika.
Q: why is accepting and respecting cultures from all parts of india important and necessary?
Q: give an insight on the art and literature of the northeast part of india along with some examples
Q:a) big things come in small packages. justify this by explaining the various traditions and cultures of tripura (the 3rd smallest state?
b) tripura has an immerse potential of development . elaborate the diverse art and literature forms of north east india contribute to the paradic unexplore

Dear student you should ask single question at one time .
India is the country of diversity where different cultures are found .Respecting and accepting every culture unites every individual of the nation.National integration is possible only when every culture of the country is accepted.
Tripura has immense potential for development as the state is  rich in natural rubber, forest products, horticulture which can boost the economy of of the state.This state has huge reserve of forest-based bamboos,if bamboo based industries are set up properly they will be beneficial for the state.

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