Q. Error correction (1 in each row)
Time and again we have seen when                        (a)
a good teacher in enthusiasm and                            (b)
commitment should beat all odds to                        (c)
produce great students. While any                           (d)
men and woman together make a                            (e)
good school probably a one overriding                    (f)
factor more important then all the                            (g)
others is the best teacher.                                          (h)

a) when - that
b) in - with
c) should - must
d) any - many
e) woman - women
f) a - another
g) then - than
h) the - a

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Time and again, we have seen that a good teacher, with enthusiasm and commitment, can beat all odds and help nurture great students. While many things together make a good school, probably the one over-riding factor more important than all the others is a?Good Teacher.
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