Q) floral characters of solanaceae

Floral Characters

Inflorescence: Solitary, axillary or cymose as in Solanum.

Flower: bisexual, actinomorphic.

Calyx: sepals five, united persistent, valvate aestivation.

Corolla:petals five, united, valvate aestivation.

Androecium: stamens five, epipetalous.

Gynoecium:bicarpellary, syncarpous; superior ovary, bilocular, placenta swollen with many ovules.

Fruits: berry or capsule.

Seeds: Many, endospermous

Economic Importance:-

Medicinal plants:-belladonna, ashwagandha, datura(stramonium leaves dried and used as asthma medicine).

Food plants:-various vegetables like the tomato, potato, brinjal etc are belongs to this family.


Tobacco plants which a source of alkaloid nicotine?belongs to this family.

Ornamentals:-Petunia is well known for its different colored flowers.

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