Q: Give 4 points of difference between breathing and respiration?

 The mechanism of gaseous exchange through which the organisms obtain oxygen from the environment and release of carbon di oxide is termed breathing.

The respiration is a complex biochemical process that involves step by step breakdown of simple food ( glucose) to release energy in the form of ATP. Respiration is a complicate process which includes breathing and oxidation of food with the release of energy.

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Breathing is a continuous process that involves both inhalation and exhalation.The process in which food is broken down in the cells to release energy is known as respiration.
It is a physical process.It is a biochemical process.
Breathing is a part of respiration.It involves the release of energy.
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Photosynthesis produces food Respiration breaks down food 

In photosynthesis carbon dioxide In respiration glucose is broke down into
combines with water to produce glucose carbon dioxide and water

Photosynthesis absorbs sun’s energy Respiration releases energy trapped in food or

Photosynthesis takes place in the presence No catalyst is needed for respiration
of a catalyst chlorophyll 

CO2 is absorbed in photosynthesis CO2 is released in respiration

Oxygen is released in photosynthesis Oxygen is absorbed in respiration

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It is a physical process

It involves taking in of O2 rich air and giving out CO2 rich air

It is an extracellular process

It involves only a few organs


It is a bio—chemical process

It involves breakdown of organic molecules to produce energy

It is an intracellular process

Every cell of the body performs respiration

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Respiration is the action of breathing and it is the process in which living organisms involving the production of energy with the intake of oxygen and the release of carbon dioxide from the oxidation of complex organic substance Breathing is the process of taking air into and expelling it from the lungs
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breathing                                                                                      respiration
it is a continuous process and involves                                        it is the process where glucose breaks down
inhalation and exhalation                                                             it can be performed with or without the help of
it is a physical process                                                                   oxygen
only a few organs work while breathing                                       it is a biochemical process
 breathing is a part of respiration                                                  each and every cells respire
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Breathing is the physical process where you inhale and exhale air in and out of your lungs. Inhaling brings in air containing Oxygen, which is absorbed and exchanged for Carbon Dioxide. The Carbon Dioxide, now in the air inside your lungs, is expelled when you exhale. The Oxygen is carried in your blood to the cells around your body where respiration takes place. Respiration is a chemical reaction where Oxygen is used to breakdown Glucose in order to generate energy which is then used by the cell to function.
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Breathing - It is a fast process.It is a process in which inhaling of oxygen and exhaling of carbon dioxide is done. It is a physical process. Respiration- it is a slow process.In this process glucose reacts with oxygen to produce carbon dioxide water and energy.It is a chemical process.
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1. It is a physical process.
2. Enzymes are not involved.
3. Exchange of gases takes place by mechanical process.

1. It is a bio- chemical process.
2. Enzymes are involved.
3. Exchange of gases takes place by diffusion.
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Difference Between Breathing and Respiration.
Breathing Respiration
Breathing takes place through respiratory organs like lungs, nose, etc. Respiration takes place in cells and cell organelles like mitochondria, etc.
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