Q. Give meanings of all the below  idioms
  1. a bolt from the blue 
  2. a fish out of water 
  3. a hard nut to crack 
  4. a bed Of roses 
  5. a square peg in a round hole 
  6. a storm in a tea cup 
  7. a white elephant 
  8. all Greek 
  9. at a stone's throw 
  10. in cold blood 
  11. in the good books of 
  12. in the twinkling of an eye 
  13. prime of life 
  14. in a fix 
  15. bird's eye view 

Dear student, a part of the question is not visible. The meanings of all the idioms have been provided below (some are taken from the given meanings as they were clearly visible):

1. a sudden calamity
2. a person who is uncomfortable because he feels he is a misfit in a situation
3. something/someone difficult to deal with
4. a very comfortable situation
5. a misfit
6. unnecessary anger about a trivial issue
7. a burdensome possession
8. it does not make sense
9. at a very short distance
10. deliberately
11. in favour with
12. in an instant
13. when one is at the peak of one's power
14. in a dilemma or difficulty
15. a general or overall view

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