Q. Name the following:
  1. The category of organisms that prepare their own food from basic raw materials.
  2. The kind of plastids found in the mesophyll cells of the leaf.
  3. The compound which stores energy in the cells.
  4. The first form of food substance produced during photosynthesis.
  5. The organisms  that can be called ''natural purifiers'' of the air.
  6. The source of carbon dioxide for aquatic plants.
  7. The part of chloroplast where the dark reaction of photosynthesis takes place.
  8. The tissue that transports manufactured type of starch from leaves to all parts of the plants.

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3).ATP(Adenosine triphosphate)
6).Aquatic plants uses Carbon dioxide that is present in dissolved form in water.
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a) autotrophs

b) chloroplasts

c) mitochondria

d) starch

h) phloem 


a) carbon dioxide and oxygen
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a) autotrophs
b) chloroplast
c) starch
d) glucose
e) micro-organisms
f) through stomata
g) thylakoids
h) non photosynthetic


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(g) stroma ......
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