Q no 1 in the following figure You only need to name the adverb on the answer no need to undrline .Mention the adverb

​Q1. Underline the adverbs in the following , sentences. 
     a. Jishan spoke very quietly, but convincingly.

     b. His arguments were undoubtedly acceptable.

     c. He appeared quite relaxed and calm.

     d. Please walk fast if you want reach on time.

     e. I don't want to reach there late.

     f. Mahesh was hurt quite badly yesterday.

Dear Student,
a) quietly, convincingly: Adverb of Manner
b) undoubtedly: Adverb of Degree
c) quite relaxed and calm: Adverb of Degree
d) Fast: Adverb of Manner
e) late: Adverb of time
f) quite badly: Adverb of degree


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i think there are no more adverbs as in adverbs ly is suffix.
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3. Quite
4 . Fast
5. Late
6. Quite
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