Q. Rewrite the following passage using the passive form of the verbs given in the brackets in the simple future tense :
My elder brother has stood 5th in India in the entrance test for admission to IIT. He is ill but __________ (permit) to join IIT, Kanpur. He knows that much work _____________ (do) by him for his B. Tech . After the completion of his B.Tech., he hope that he _________ (give) a good job in some MNC. He  ____________ (post) either in India or abroad but he is aware that much competition __________ (face )  by him in future. Whatever duty he ______________ (give) must be _____________ (do) with full sincerity. Only then a good and enviable reputation __________ (win) by him.

Dear Student,
Here are the answers to your query:
1. will be permitted
2. will be done
3. will be given
4. will be posted
5. will be faced
6. will be given
7. done
8. will be won 

Hope this information clears your doubts about this topic. 

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