Q. Shanti sold two Cameras for Rs. 6555 each. On one she lost 5%, while on the other she gained 15%. Find the gain or loss per cent in the whole transaction.
Q. By selling 45 lemons for Rs. 40, a man loses 20%. How many should he sell for Rs. 24 to gain 20% on the transaction?
Q. Rajni sold a pressure cooker at a loss of 8%. Had she bought it at 10% less and sold for Rs. 176 more, she would have gained 20%. Find the cost price of the pressure cooker.
Q. A man sold a toaster at a profit of 10%. Had he purchased it for 5% less and sold it for Rs. 56 more, he could have gained 25%. For how much did he buy it?
Q. A shopkeeper sells each of his goods at a gain of 22 1/2%. If on any day, his total sale was of Rs. 9,408, what was (i) the total cost of all the goods sold on that day (ii) his profit of that day. 

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