Q. Turn the following into Indirect Speech: 
  • He said to me, 'I have often told you not to play with fire.'
  • 'You have all done very badly !' remarked the teacher.
  • They wrote, 'It is time we thought about setting this matter.'
  • The teacher promised, 'If you will come before school tomorrow, I will explain it.'
  • She wrote, ' I am waiting and watching and longing for my son's return.'
  • The examiner's orders were, 'No one is to bring books into room nor ask me questions about what I have told you to do.

Dear Student,
Given below are the answers to your question.
  1. He reminded me that he had often told me not to play with fire.
  2. The teacher remarked that they had all done very badly.
  3. They wrote that it was time we thought about settling that matter.
  4. The teacher promised that if she would come before school the next day, she would explain it.
  5. She wrote that she was waiting and watching and longing for her son's return.
  6. The examiner ordered that none should bring books into the room nor ask him questions about what he had told them to do.
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