Q1 Give four factors on which the climate of a place depends..

Q2 Name some features which are possessed by animals living in polar regions.

Q3 How are animals living in hot and humid areas adapted to keep their bodies cool?

Ans 1- The climate of a place can be decided by the following factors:

  • Altitude of that place
  • Distance from the sea
  • Distance from the equator
  • Winds flowing through that place etc.

Ans 2- Some of the features of animals living in polar regions- 

  • Polar region animals can store a layer of fat under their skin, which keeps them well insulated.For exxample- Polar beer
  • These animals go on hibernation.
  • The skin colour is light, almost white, which help in camouflage.
  • They have large paws which enable them to walk comfortably on snow.
  • Nostrills can be closed and opened  when swim through water.

Ans 3-Some of the features of animals living in hot regions- 

  • These animals can store large amount of water, For example- Camel.
  • They have long padded feet.
  • Their eyes are provided long eyelids as this feature doesn't allow sand/ dust particles to enter inside.

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