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Q21 solve 6:38 PM PDF viewer not are ox reaction ut Cu(N03 is a redox reaction. Explain. 14. A White powder Of silver chloride turns grey in the sunlight. Explain. zno Zn IS. Complete the reaction (i) Mg(s) (ii) NaaS04 (aq) + BaC12 (aq) 16.The blue colour of copper sulphate solution disappears when zinc is added and not whe silver metal is added. Which metal is more reactive than copper? Silver or Zinc? 17, Magnesium ribbon burns with dazzling flame in air and changes into a white substance magnesium oxide. Is magnesium being oxidised or reduced in this reaction? 18. Define oxidising and reducing agents With examples. 19. Identify the oxidising agent and reducing agent in the following reactlon 20. HOW can you help your mother in keeping the fried items so that they do not develop bad smell and their shelf life is also increased? 21, A yellow coloured solid substance is formed when silver nitrate solution is added to a solution Of iodide. What type Of reaction is this? Write the balanced reaction also. 22. A substance "M" reacts violently with water with the evolution of heat to form a compound "N" which is also used in white washing. When carbon dioxide is passed throug the aqueous solution Of "N" a solid compound "X" is Obtained as white precipitate. Compound "X" on heating strongly gives compound "M" with the liberation of carbon dioxide. Identify the compound M, N and X and write the reactions involved. 23. A student prepared a solution Of copper sulphate and kept it in an iron vessel overnigh Next morning he was surprised to see blue colour of the solution has disappeared. Explain With the help ofa balanced equation why the colour of the solution changed. 24. When would you call a reaction to be a chemical reaction? 25. A shiny brown coloured element when heated in air becomes black. Name the element

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Silver nitrate + Sodium iodide → Silver iodide + Sodium nitrate   Formula Equation: AgNO3 (aq) + NaI (aq) → AgI (s) + NaNO3 (aq) Ionic Equation: Ag+ (aq) + I- (aq) → AgI (s)
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