Q24 and Q26 with proper equation

Q24 and Q26 with proper equation Dsceles of tat D. on CX 1B are CBA is . BC are Now. FG 23. If Of the triangle 06 In a ABC. the internal biswor point n. vertex C. line CE is drawn which meets HA that ACE is 25. In triangle ABC. Ot angle opposite Side BC at ED prove that ABC is isoseelcs. produce AD point E so that A1) Now Show that A ABD EDC by EC and ZBAD. But ZBAn therefore AB = AC triangle is A ABC, D is a point BC such the 27. Using the information. given in the following figures. tind the and b. (Given the - triangle ZACH construction : Fro; statement : In A ACD LACI In ABDC: 3. Ext LAD( ZACI If nvo emgles of angle has gr A triangle in ABD :

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Solution 26:

Here AB,AD and BD are side of a triangle and all the sides are equal as per question.
This means that triangle is equilateral triangle and each angle is of 60 deg .
Now ADC + ADB = 180°ADB= 60° as the triangle is equilateral triangle . ADC =180° - 60° = 120°.........1Now in ADC , AD= DC{ given }So the triangle is isosceles triangle . i.eDAC =ACD .........2Let the angle be y°.Now we know that sum of all the angle of triangle is 180°.or,ACD+ADC+DAC =180°or,ADC+2y=180°or,120° + 2y =180° {by eq 1 and 2}2y=60°y=30°Now ADC : C = 120°:30° = 4:1 Hence proved .Hope this would have cleared your doubt .

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