Q3. Draw energy level diagram for an

a) unbiased p-n junction diode

b) forward biased p-n junction diode and explain how the barrier potential changes.

(a) Energy level diagram for unbiased p-n junction diode is as follows-

(b) Energy level diagram for forward biased p-n junction diode is as follows-

When the junction is unbiased, negative charge resides in p-side and positive charge resides in n-side. But when forward biased is applied, positive charge from p-side enters into n-side and negative charge from n-side enters into p-side. Thus, charge densities of both types reduce and hence, potential barrier reduces.  

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how can u draw with key board?

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in forward bias potential barrier decreases & increases in reverse bias

in f.b.  p- iS connected to positive of the battery & 'n'  to negative of battery

  in R.B.  it is vice-versa

for more info. check the below link


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