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79. 300 persons are participating in a meeting in India, out of which 120 are foreigners, and the rest are Indians. Out of the Indians there are 110 men who are not judges ; 160 are men or judges, and 35 are women judges. There are no foreign judges. How many Indian women attended the meeting ?

(a)  60                                        (b)  45
(c)  3.55                                      (d) 40 


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Out of 300 participants, 120 are foreignersHenceNumber of Indians=300-120=180There110 men who are not judges Hence 180-110=70 are Man and Judges or Woman and Judges or Woman and not judgeAs 35 woman are judgeshence70-35=35 Man and Judges  or Woman and not judgeNow160 are men or judgesHence Number of woman=180-160+35=55

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