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Q89 pls 88. Today is Wednesday. Which day of the week will it be in 29 days time (including today)? a. C. d. Saturday Friday Thursday Wednesday 89. Each side of a square handkerchief is embroidered with 4 flowers. A flower is embroidered on each of the four comers. How many flowers are there in the handkerchief altogether? a. b. c. d. 24 12 28 16 90. The greatest of three consecutive numbers whose sum is 30 is .............. a. b. d. 11 10 12 13

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It is given each side of square handkerchief is embroidered with 4 flowerswhich means that 2 flowers are at the corner2 flowers are in between the 2 corners Flowers in 4 sides of square excluding the corners are 4×2=8As it is given 1 flower at each corner flowers at 4 corners =1×4=4Total number of flowers=8+4=12Hence option b is correct        

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89 B
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89 answer is 16
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