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A headmaster once tod his father that what Einstein chose as a profession wouldn't matter, because"he'll never make a success at anything."
(a) What did the headmaster tell Einstein father?
(b) Why did the headmaster make such a remark?
(c) Did the headmaster's remark prove to be true?/Why not?
(d) What does the headmaster's remark reveal about him as a teacher?

Dear Student,
The answers are:
1. a. The headmaster told Einstein's father that whatever profession Einstein chooses in his life, he would never be able to do it as he according to the headmaster was a poor student. 
b. Einstein used to be a very weak student in his school time. So the headmaster had such a notion about him.
c. The headmaster's remark was not proved to be true, in fact, it resulted in the very opposite way. He became a successful physicist and discovered something that is considered one of the most valuable gifts to the world of physics. 
d. A good teacher is someone who always believes in his student, no matter what. He supports and encourages his students to move ahead in life and achieve success. But the headmaster didn't show such a trait. Einstein was not a good student and was weak to grasp in the class. But still, the headmaster's words were discouraging.

Hope this helps. 


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