Question 2 and 3

Question 2 and 3 f) option, , so bed, She What do school/the school on Mv mother school She is studying medicine a' university •r he reporter Went to prison/tbe prison '0 put your new clothe', on bed,'the bed ond take at insert the wherever necessary. ir is not required, put a a) d) e) f) g) h) j) He lives On Main Street. Father is picking up Jishnu from I will be back at noon. Is . Mount Everest In , station thit Himalayas? morning? What time do you usually get up in . woman you were talking to a few minutes ago? Who was „ dinner when he called. We were having . , Museum of Modem An when you were in Did you visit Doctor Dun's phone number. I cannot remember . . bed for a weev doctor and he said I should stay in j called 4. Tick V) the correct sentences. If a sentence has a word that is not necessary. out the incorrect word. Rid can play the violin, b) Stop watching the TV and do your homework.

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Here's your answer - 

a) to bed
b) at the hospital
c) the hospital
d) school
e) school
f) the university
g) the prison
h) the bed

a) the
b) not required
c) not required
d) not required, the
e) the
f) the
g) not required
h) the, not required
i) not required
j) the, not required


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