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Question 4 solve plzz plzz plzz nave (v) (a) write (vi) (a) ii (b) had (b) writing (b) were as (c) wrote are ) having (d) written (d) will be 5. Choose the best word from the options given below and complete the following (3 marks) passage. Nearly 100 million years ago (i) the middle ofwhat is now Mongolia, (ii) ——___was a series of events including a massive volcanic eruption. The ashes (iii) scattered over the wet soil of the land (iv) sticky mud. Meat-eating dinosaurs and other creatures in the area (v) Ibr food (vi) (i) (a) in (ii) (a) their (iii) (a) those (iv) (a) form (v) (a) looking (vi) (a) meet . an early and sudden death as they sank in the mud. (b) on _(bkthere (b) that (b) formed _Åbyfooked (b) meeting (C) -over (c) here 9m hich (e)form ing h (c) looks -(cy'meets (d) that (d) thus (d) {Orms (d) look (d) mei Q4 Nrite a short Story in about 200-250 words on the basis Of the hints provided ( 10 marks) I pas walking alone in cool winter midnight... The Streets were deserted. Suddenly ...3... Narrate a story in 200—250 words that begins with the words. 'I used to think.... • (10 marks) Hints: I thought nothing could go wrong—my son Vivek—because a drug addict—a cause of worry—A Baba I came—Vivek transformed—my belief returned. Narrate a story in 200—250 that begins with the words. 'It was a day when everything seemed to go wrong'. (l O marks) Hints: Everything seemed to go wrong—stormy day—foot sprained—at school teacher's reprimand— problem with my bike—evening death of grandmother—day of exhaustion and dejection. Complete the following story. (10 marks) It was the afternoon of a cold grey December day. The streets outside glistened with snow, some white sparkling flakes struck and melted on the window panes. Then suddenly... (10 marks) Write a-story on the given outline in about 200-250 words. awakens from a coma—he is in a state of.confusion—he discovered that many years . ' ; passed—he explores the area looking for out that two extraterrestrials had landed i ; on Earth—he finds he was left Oh the world alone—he goes to the White House to find evidence of i who came to Earth and finds documents that the visitors have had contact with men for decades—these visitors saw the planet and were to save them.

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