Question no.1 and 2....urgent periodic table chapter..

Question no.1 and 2....urgent periodic table chapter.. 2 UNIT TEST PAPER — Periodic Table 2, • A' is to the right of • B'. size • A' affi.r,ip,' N huge of B ' than With to 3 of table - State The of of the with configuratic-m Of tlr• chloride of elem•nt with 2, 8, re of oxide of in 'The uf in the slull oi with —1 _ electronic of hydnmide is a weak to group I A1 0 f table — fill in the blanks with with referen non-metals! since their atomic size is / vow I and The energy himåing atottw melting points The melting of the elements have increases/ decrease the subgroup electropositive character (increases/ decreases] do Ireducing./ oxidizingl agents. The e down the subgroup and the elements are strong lhigher / lowed electronaffinity and with electronic configuration 2,81 will have [smaller/ larger' atomic size than the element with electronic configuration 2,1.

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Question 1 :-

1. As we go from left to right, the atomic size decreases thus A would have SMALLER size than B.

2.As we go from left to right, as the atomic size decreases so the ionisation potential increases thus B would have lower ionisation potential than B.

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