Question no 14 ,15,16,17

Question no 14 ,15,16,17 14. Mr Hriday Cash show a credit bank balance on Dec 2010 as 405m but Pass book shows a difference due to following reasons: 1. A post dated cheque for 9m has been debited in the bank column of cash Book but could not have been presented. 2. Chaquestotaling 102m deposited with the bank have not yet been collected and a cheque for 4Ü has been dishonoured. 3_ Insurance premium amounting paid by bank has not been entered in cash book. 4. A bill for was retired by the bank under a rebate of 150 but the full amount credit in the bank column Of cash book. S. A cheque for e for payment. prepare bank reconciliation statement. (6) 15. Enter the following transactions in the Double column cash book With Bank column Of Shri Daya Ram 1. Cash atoffice 1230 and Bank balance 25750. Z. Discounted a bill for 5m at through bank. 3. Deposited into bank 4. Mohan settle his account for 7500 by giving a cheque of 7300. 5. Mohan's cheque deposited into bank. 6. Mohan's cheque returned dishonoured . 7. Paid salary by cheque 1000. 16. A firm purchased on Jan 2008 certin machinery for 582,000 and spent 18000 on its erection. On first jury 2008 additional machinery cost% was purchased . On istjuly 2010 the machinery purchased 1 Jan 2008 was auctioned fore 286000 and a fresh machinery for 4,00.000 was purchased on the same date. Depreciation was provided annually on 31" Dec at the rate of 10% on the written down value method . Prepare Machinery Account from 2008 to 2010. Or 3fDecemenber 2008 purchased a Sharma and company whose books are closed on nmachinery for 3,WOOO on Jan 1 2008 Additional Machinery was acquired for on 1 "july 2008. Certain machinery which was purchased fore on July 1" 2008 was sold for 80,000 on 30 June 2010. Prepare Machinery Account , Accumulated Depreciation Account and Machinery disposal Account for all the years up to the years ending 31st Dec 2010 .Depreciation is charged 10% per annum on straight line method. 17. A sold goods to the value Of e 120,000 to B taking a bill at three months dated July 1 2010 on 4 thAuguSt. A discounted the bill at 5% per annum with his banker. At maturity the bill was returned by the bankers dushonoured with e 1000 expenses. B paid e 30000 and gave a another bill at three months for ?93000 including expenses and interest. But before maturity he had become insolvent and ultimately paid his creditors 75 paise in the rupee. Make the entries in A's Journal recording the above transactions. part -B

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