Question no. 7

Question no. 7 Pre-Medical : Ph (a) 60, Magnetic field at point 'O' due to given current distribution. If 5A current is flowing in this system and the diameter of the loop is 10cm. (2) I(Y5T, O (3) 10-5 T, @ Figure shows a circular loop with radius 'r'. The resistance of arc ABC is 5Q and that of ADC is 100. Magnetic field at the gentre of the loop is 12r 12r ics espect tc Radius of current carrying coil is 'R'. If fractional decreases in field value wi centre of the coil for a near by axial point is 1% then find axial position ofthat point. 10. The ratio of magnetic field at centre of circular loop to the magnetic field at the centre of square 100V which are made by a constant length current carrying wire :- 16

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The magnetic field due to loop will be zero.The net magnetic field will be due to the wires coming from infinity.
The magnetic field due to wire is given by

=μ0I2RWhere μ0=4π×10-7 T-m/A
Now putting the values
B=4π×10-7×52×5×10-2B=2π×10-5 T
Now for directions, According to right hand thumb rule, magnetic field is coming out of plane.
So option D is the correct answer.

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