Question number 18

Question number 18 Give any enco bemeen from •pagarion of a wo points of SI and i velength and time 01 'like speed of sound in 16. A vibrating a time period Of produces a wave travelling in a with a velocity of 12SO What is the The frequency of radio transmission station is 300 What wavelength of radio waves? Take of light in air as 3 1()• mls. A wave has a speed of 240 m/' and a wavelength Of 3.2 m, (i) frequency and petiod of wave. 19. Which of (he following is uansfctrcd from one place (o another by the waveQ (a) Wavelength (c) Energy (b) Velocity (d) Mass following experiments

Dear Student

v = 240 m/s
wavelength = 3.2 m

Frequency = speed/wavelength = 240/3.2 = 75 Hz

Time period = 1/frequency = 1/75 = 0.0133 s



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