What is the form of light?

​a) A ray which bounces off different surfaces.
​b) A wave like seen in diffraction.
​c) A stream of particles like photons in photoelectric effect.
​d) Both wave and particle structure .
​e) None of these.
f) Can't say.

SO , please tell and define what light actually is? 

{In this question,  Please don't give any web link or certified answer ... I want only experts answer} 

Dear Student

From the above given option, light has both wave and particle nature.

Light travels in the form of electromagnetic waves which can be called as "lightwave" and "particle of light" is called photn which has particle nature.

Light give us the sensation of vision. It strikes to an object and certain part of it bounces back which is collected by our optical nerves of the eyes and we see the object. If no light is bounced back from an object , the object can not be seen.

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light is that form of energy that affects our optic cells and allows us to see.
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