Questionnaire on Taylor's principles to conduct a survey on workers in a company

here are 15 questionnaire based on fayols principle

I. Do you specialize in your departments work?

II. Has anyone of the other department asked you to do their work?

III. Does your organization respect authority and compile with rules and regulations?

IV. Do you have to report your work to one high command or more?

V. Have you ever been ordered by two superiors at the same time?

VI. Does your company give more importance to opinions of superiors or to the general opinion of the company?

VII. Was there any situation where employees were not satisfied by the general interest?

VIII. Are you satisfied with your salary?

IX. Is there any specific workplace each employee must be in, in each department?

X. Do those with positions get their own cabin?

XI. Does your superior hand out authority to the employees often?

XII. Does your company have a suggestion box?

XIII. Is there a lot of staff turnover in your company?

XIV. Is there any system of penalization in your company?

XV. Does your company arrange events for employees?
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Questionaire based on taylor principles
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Plzz some one give the information
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I want questionnaire based on principle of management on taco Bell with answer
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Questionnaire based on Taylor's of management
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