Rahul feels very strongly about the falling standards of behaviour of the people in his city.he is disturbed by their ways.so he decides to write an article to be published in a local magazine

Such questions test your creative writing skills and should be done on your own. However, these points might help you elaborate:

- It is disappointing to see falling standards of moral values among the people of my city.
- We were known as a cultured class of people, unfortunately the fast paced modern world has had a negative effect on our manners.
- People have become rather rude and impolite and hardly ever wish each other.
- Cases of intolerance, road rage and molestation have become common.
- Lack of respect and love for fellow human beings is the main cause of this low standard of behaviour.
- We must realise that it is moral values that separate us from beats.
- We must be kind, compassionate and helpful.

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