Ram and mohan are partners sharing profits and losses in the ratio 2:1. at the end of the year on 31st march,2011 they decided to take their manager sohan in to partnership with effect from 1st april,2008. as manager ,he was geeting an annual salary of rs24000 . he had also advanced rs30000 to the firm by way of a loan on which he was geeting interest @15% p.a.

during the three year firm profits after adjusting salary to sohan ,interest on loan and interest on capital of the partners were :::-

2009 profit 43900

2010 loss 20000

2011 profit 1,00,000

according to the new aggrement, sohan is to be given annual salary of rs16800 and 1/5 th share inthe profits of the firm . sohan's loan shall be treated as his capital from the begining and similar to other partners as his capital carry interest @10% p.a


  Journal Entry
Date Particulars L.F. Debit Amount
Credit Amount
  Ram’s Capital A/c Dr.   2,600  
  Mohan’s Capital A/c Dr.   1,300  
    To Sohan’s Capital A/c       3,900
  (Excess amount paid to Sohan borne by Ram and Mohan)        
  Sohan’s Loan A/c Dr.   30,000  
    To Sohan’s Capital A/c       30,000
  (Sohan’s Loan A/c transferred to his Capital A/c)        

Particulars Amount
Interest on Loan 30,000*5% (15-10) for 3 years 4,500
Salary 7,200 (24,000-16,800) for 3 years 21,600
Total 26,100
Particulars Amount
Profit for the year 2009 43,900
Profit for the year 2011 1,00,000
Less: Loss for the year 2010 20,000
Add: Increase in Profit by Sohan, becoming a partner instead of manager 26,100

Sohan’s share of Profit = 1,50,000*1/5
Sohan’s Share of Profit after becoming a partner is Rs 30,000 but as a manager he had received Rs 26,100, therefore, Rs 3,900 (30,000-26,100) should be credited to his Capital A/c by existing partners in the ratio 2:1.

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