Ram will return on   Monday.

Could we , instead of on use the preposition by   ?

Pls reply.


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yes of course we can !!!!

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yes, you are correct

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 yes we can use by in place of on in the case given .

the preposition by shows the period of time assigned for a particular work and here the subject ram has to return on given time monday so both will be correct here.

additional : we can also use till or until here.

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I think yes.

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by means latest by date.Whereas on means particular date.

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yes we can replace

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no they are different
on Monday means definitely on Monday
and by Monday means any day from today until Monday
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no,actually these words are different......because on monday means like on that day but by monday means anyday before monday...it is totally different...I COMPLETELY AGREE with tejpreets....

hats off to u!

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 Yes, it will be grammarically correct but the meaning of the 2 sentences will be different.

Ram will return on monday- He will  return on monday without fail.

Ram will return by monday- He'll return anytime before monday. (Here the date is not fixed)


Hope it helps

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yes u can in this case

but in some cases the meaning changes

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 Yes you can can surely write it brother


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