Read statements regarding population interacton:

(A) Biological control methods are adopted in agricultural pest control

(B) In the rocky intertidal areas of American pacific coast starfish is an important predator.
(C) Some species of frog & insect show
(D) Parasite and host show coevolution
How many of above statements are correct
(1) Only statement A, B, C

(2) Only statement D

(3) Only statement C, D

(4) A, B, C and D
Why d statement is wrong.

Dear student

Please refer the solution below for the said query

The correct option is 4.
All the given statements are correct.

Hosts and parasites have antagonistic and close relationship. Hence, they are thought to play important role in influencing evolution of each other termed as coevolution. 

Hope this information clears your doubt about the topic.


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