Read the chapter PROPOSAL. Write a summary by listing the details of main
characters in the story

Dear Student, following is a summary of the chapter and a list of main characters with details.
  • Lomov is a young affluent peasant who wants to get married for the sake of appearances. He doesn't love Natalya but decides to marry her because she's a suitable match. He becomes involved in silly arguments with Natalya and Chubukov about land ownership and dogs.
  • Natalya is a strong-willed woman who is more effective than Lomov in speaking her mind. However, she also is hypocritical in maintaining an appearance of superiority. She is concerned about being a potential if not actual spinster and, thus, desperately wants to marry Lomov.
  • Chubukov sees marriage in a mercenary way, referring to Lomov's proposal as a merchant buying goods. For him, the match is advantageous and whether the pair really love each other probably doesn't matter much. Despite his eagerness for the marriage to happen, Chubukov places greater value on maintaining his superiority. 

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