Read the passage carefully.
1 Experts in climatology and other scientists are becoming
extremely concerned about the rapid changes which are
taking place in our climate now. Evidently, the climate
changes have occurred on our planet even before also. For
example, there have been several ice ages or glacial periods.
2 But, these climatic changes were different from the modern
ones in the sense that they occurred gradually and naturally.
The changes currently being monitored are said to be the
result, not of, natural causes, but of human activities.
The major problem is that the planet appears to be warming
up. According to some experts, this warming process, known
as global warming, is occurring at an unprecedented rate now-
a-days. The implications for the planet are very serious. Rising
global temperatures could give rise to ecological disasters like
flooding and droughts.
It is thought that this unusual warming of the earth has been
caused by so- called Greenhouse Gas, such as carbon dioxide,
being emitted into the atmosphere by vehicles and modern
industrial processes. Actually, it is essential to life on earth,
because vegetation requires it. However, such gas not only
adds to the pollution of the atmosphere, but also creates a
greenhouse effect, by which the heat of the sun is trapped.
This leads to the warming up of the planet.
Politicians'are also concerned about the climate change and
there are now regular summits on the subject, attended by
representatives flom around 180 of the world's industrialised
countries. Of these summits, the most important one took
place in Kyoto in Japan in 1997. There it was agreed that the
most industrialised countries would try to reduce the volume
of greenhouse gas emissions and were given targets for this
red-uction of emission. This is known as the Kyoto Protocol'
However, the greatest obstacle in the reduction of carbon
dioxide is its effect on the economic front as many
employments will be lost as a result of it'
It was also suggested that more forests should be planted to
inror[ greenhbuse gases as the problem of rapid climate
inung" 6as been calsed by so much deforestation' For the
next ieveral decades, fossil fuels are the key to improve the
human conditions. The scientific facts show that the liberation
of fossil fuels from their geological reservoirs and mankind's
use of them provide- miny economic, health anq
environmental benefits, whereas the environmental
catastrophes forecast from their use by the critics have yet to
be demonstrated.
on the basis of the reading of the passage, 6
answer the followang questions by choosing the

correct option.
what are the reasons behind current climatic changes?
a) Natural causes
b) Both (a) & (b)
Alar.ming increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is
mainly due tq
a) Vehicles b) Industries
c) Both (a) & (b)d) Large number of trees
Fossil fuels Provide
a) Economic b) Health
ci Environmental d) All the above
4 a) Setting up of more industries
b) Plantation of more trees
c) Increased liberation of fossil fuels
d) All of the above 5 At present the global warming is occurring
a) Very slowly b) at an alarming rate
c)Consistently d) cannot say 6 Carbon dioxide causes
a) Pollution b) Greenhouse effect
c) Both ( a) &(b) d)Deforestation t.2 Answer the following questions briefly :
a) What is the major problem with our planet now according to
this passage? b) where and when was the most important summit on climatic
change held? c) What was agreed upon in the summit mentioned in the
Passage ?
d) what is the major problem in reduction of carbon dioxide
worldwide ?
1.3 Find out words from the passage which mean
the same as :
a) Clearly, obviously (Para-01) -
b) Freeing, release ) ( para-O7)

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