Read the passage given below.

1 Very often, we do not take the first step towards a good cause because
We say to ourselves, "The task is so big. What can I do alone ?" So
nothing gets done. There is much talk about environmental protection,
air pollution and saving our forests. Do we really care? If we do, here
are a few things we can do to make our surroundings more pleasant.

2 It is good to adopt a two-uses-attitude ! By putting an article to a
second use, we are giving it a longer lease of life and using up less raw
material from nature. One of the worst things we do is the abuse of
paper. The clean sides of envelopes can be used to write small notes,
lists and reminders around the house. The more paper we use, the
more trees will have to be cut down. For the same reason, we should
avoid the use of paper napkins or paper plates. Cloth napkins are just
as good, for they can be washed and used over and over again.

3 The one area which needs the most urgent attention is effective
garbage disposal. People who are conscious about it follow rules and
laws strictly. As a result, their neighbourhoods are clean and beautiful.
A lot of people don't care about the environment because they don't
understand the adverse effect that society has on it. It is important to
convince people to care about the environment. The first step would be
to convince people to change by providing simple alternative solutions
and ways of doing things. The Internet is a powerful tool and a group of
like-minded people can be formed on social media. People can share
environmental stories and 1ssues as well as pool in solutions and
alternatives to educate one another. With the current state that our
planet is in, it is imperative that people actively care about the
environment and most importantly, act now.

4. Similarly, each one of us can contribute to a cleaner environment. All
kitchen waste should be collected separately. Those who have green
fingers can turn this into valuable manure. Dig a pit and put the
kitchen waste into it. When the pit is a little over half full, cover it up
with mud. Let nature do the rest. Within three or six months, we will
have a good garden manure. It can also be done as a community project
by digging a large pit in the colony. Do take help of all the members, for
nothing succeeds like co-operation.

Based on your understanding of the passage, answer three questions
given below:

(i) How long does it take to make good garden manure?

(ii) Select a suitable word from the passage which means- something
in a bad and undesirable way. (Para 2)

(iii) Pick out the word from the passage which means completely
necessary. (Para 3)

(i) It takes three to six months for the kitchen waste to turn into good garden manure.

(ii) The word which means something in a bad or undesirable way is abuse

(iii) The word which means completely necessary is imperative

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