Rearrange 3,4 and 5

Rearrange 3,4 and 5 (a) ones/red/grey/the largest./and/are (b) red Kangaroo/latter/a/may be/than/man/a/and/heavier Kangaroos/at 40 kilometres per hour/bounce/can/along/chased/if 2. For example: we/from books/knowledge/theoretical knowledge/the/get/is/mere The knowledge we get from book is mere theoretical knowledge. (a) not sufficient/it/to be/in life/successful/is (b) complete success/practical knowledge/to getftoo/we/require (c) travelling/is/which/itjgives/practical knowledge/us/and 3. For example: identified/enthrax/researchers/destroy,'have/way to/a new Researchers have identified a new way to destroy enthrax. (a) officials/a hand-held'bacteria/the method/device/allows/to detect/with (b) bacteria killers/naturally/the technique/bacteriophages/is based on/occurrinvkn (c) this technique/infections/is years/may/fight/difficult to treat 4. For example: attention,├čabies/need/constant Babies need constant attention. (a ) the/team's/the/place/victory/guarantees/finalffonight's (b ) highlights/a/of/number/instances/The/of/injustice/Report (c) on/contains/museum/interesting/rural/some/The/exhibits/Spanish/life 5. For/example: author?/ls/who/your/favourite/ Who is your favourite author? (a) She/a/on/in/in/tower/an/estate/block/London./Lives (b ) Thelon/todays/Flights/the/displayeWare/of/monitor./Details (c) W ant/the/school./fairly/take/to/l/towards,'kids/a/relaxed/attitude 3. TRANSFORMATION OF SENTENCES TYPE-I Read the following conversations and complete the Passages given below: 1. Husband Doctor H usband Doctor H usband Doctor, what will the total expenses be in the end? You will have to pay only six lac and You will have a healthv and happy wife. Any concession? Not a penny. Then forget it. I will buy another wife in six lae. The husband of patient asked the doctor The doctor replied that he would have to Pay Only six lacs and added that (b) . The husband asked When the doctor refused to leave even a Bsnny then the patient Ohked the doctor forget about the money. He added that he would buy another wife 2. Master Servant Master Out you. a week and 500 for your duty well On duty for Give me .ny one I deduct soo more my wuth Just two hundred.

It has the same number of teeth as the latter has
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