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Can the process of rusting be called combustion? Discuss.

are totally different .

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Expert answer - Rusting and combustion are two very different processes that cannot be compared.

Rusting:It is the corrosion of iron metal. It is defined as the slow decay of iron metal in the presence of air and moisture where materials made of iron are deteriorated and a brown substance called rust is deposited on their surface. This process produces no heat and no light. Also, it is a very slow process.

Combustion:on the other hand is the process in which a substance combines with oxygen to produce heat. Combustion is an exothermic process i.e., the process is accompanied with the evolution of heat. The release of heat may or may not result in the production of light. Thus, two important things required for the process of combustion to take place are a fuel (combustible substance) and supporter of combustion (oxygen). Unlike rusting, this is not a slow process.

The only similarity between the two processes is the presence of oxygen for the oxidation of the substance. Apart from that there is no particular similarity.

NCERT Solution - Combustion is a chemical process in which a substance reacts with oxygenand gives out energy during the process in the form of either heat or light or both. Rusting of iron is an exothermic process as heat is released during rusting . Hence, it is a kind of slow combustion.
---- My sciene teacher marked the NCERT solution wrong !!

Its been already told discussed that combustion and rusting of iron are two different processes, so process of rusting can not be called as combustion because in combustion, burning of compound takes place in presence of oxygen while in rusting, iron metal decayed in presence of moist air.

So, both are different process.

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