selling price of a toy car is Rs540.If the profit made by shopkeeper is 20%,what is the CP of the toy.

Ans int the textbook: CP+20/100 XCP = { 1 +1/5} CP. =6/5CP. 540 x 5/6 CP. 0r 450Rs.

This eg is done in the textbook.page169.Iam not getting how they got this 1.

Dear student,Q. cost price of a toy car is Rs 540. if the loss made by the shop keeper is 20% , what is the selling price of this toy?Sol. Cost price(CP)=Rs 540  Loss incurred =20% on CP                       =20100×540                       =Rs 108Selling Price (SP) = CP-Loss                          =Rs540-108                          =Rs 432Regards 

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