Sentence reordering

(b) and avoid competition / to mark tigers / their territory I urinate on trees

(c) how big/ beats its chest/it is/ a male gorilla/ to show / and strong

(d) to tell others / it's approaching / a range of warning cells / what the threat is / prairie dogs have / and how fast

(a) once had / the island of Haiti/ a vegetable / official currency/ as its / a gourd,

(b) in plenty/ when Henry Christophe/ in 1807, / the country was bankrupt, / became Governor of the state, / but gourds grew

(c) that every green gourd / Christophe immediately declared / in the territory / to

Hope it hlps

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That every greenguard christophe immediately declared in the territory to every village to collect the Gods and soldier event was stated property
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