Sentence Reordering
could you please check if these answers are correct at the the earliest? thanks
1)spent/ trying/years/to perfect/ elias howe/ a sewing machine
Elias Howe spent years trying to perfect a sewing machine
2)he/ that/ had been/ by/ captured/ 1 night/ a tribe/ dreamed/ he
he dreamed that one night he had been captured by a tribe
3) told/ would have/ he/he/ to produce/was/ in a day/ the sewing machine
he was told that he would have to produce a sewing machine in a day
4) speared/ could not/ if/he/ would be/ he/by/ the tribe
if he could not he would not be speared by the tribe
5) failed/ when/ the tribesmen/ he/ surrounded/ with raised spears/ him/that/ had/ at the tips/ holes
when he failed the tribesmen surrounded him with raised spears that had holes at the tip

Dear Student,

Your answers are correct in terms of the jumbled words. Though there are grammatical errors in the jumbled words but your answers are correct according to the given words.


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