1. She cannot see if she does not wear glasses.(Use 'unless' in place of 'if')
  2. "The teacher is excellent," said the principal."Every student she has taught likes her."
  3. The mangoes are too cheap to be fresh.
  4. Oh!that I had the wings of a bird!(Begin:I think....)
  5. He has not tolerance for anyone who speaks ill others.(rewrite the verb 'will not tolerate')
  6. The captain wished to win the match.(Begin:The captain wished that......)

1. She cannot see unless she wears glasses.
2. and 3. : not mentioned what is to be done.
4. I think it would be great if I had the wings of a bird.
5. He will not tolerate anyone who speaks ill of others.
6. The captain wished that he would win the match.

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