show any activityto prove that high speed wind is accompanied by reduced air pressure

Take a beaker, a table fan and a cardboard.

Put the beaker with the cardboard near the fan and switch the fan on. You will observe that the paper would fly away.

This happens because when the fan is off, no air passes over the cardboard. The atmospheric pressure acting on cardboard from up is equal to the air pressure from inside the beaker. But when you start the fan on, high speed air pass over the cardboard and the pressure above the cardboard drops. But as there is no air flowing inside the beaker there pressure on the cardboard from the beaker remains the same. This difference in pressure lifts up the cardboard.


This shows high speed wind is accompanied with low pressures.

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u can take a bottle and crumple a piece of paper into the mouth portion of the bottle. ensure that the piece of paper is smaller than the bottle-mouth. then u try the paper to blow into the bottle but u cant. this is because when we blow into the mouth, the air near the mouth has higher speed and this decreases the pressure there. the air pressure into the bottle is higher than near the mouth nd so the air inside the bottle pushes the ball out...........if u r satisfied u can thumbs me up. 

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