significance of the title "on the face of it" ?

“On the Face of it” is an informal expression used to say that something seems to be good, true etc. but this opinion may need to be changed when you know more about it.
This definition of the expression should leave us in no doubt about the appropriateness of the title. An individual may be quite different from what we think of him or what he or she may apparently appear to be at first glance. There is the imperative need for us to view others by removing our glasses of prejudice, hatred, hearsay and dislike.
On the face of it, Mr. Lamb appears to be mysterious, lonely, lame old fellow who lives in a neighbourhood house with a huge garden, but in reality he is very kind, generous, loving and altruistic. Similarly, although Derek has an ugly looking scary face, he is fine lad of fourteen with a deep longing for love. There is nothing wrong with Mr. Lamb and Derek. What is wrong is the way people in their lives and around them view and treat them.
On the face of it, there is so much of diversity, so many differences and divides between the people and other species of the world but underneath is a oneness, a sameness – all of them are created by God and all of them need to live and grow together with love and mutual acceptance/ As the play progresses the characters’ views about each other and our impression of them changes for the better.
Thus, Susan Hill has quite appropriately entitled her play “On the Face of it

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